During my breaks between semesters at San Jose State University, I offer my services in visual effects. Recently, I acquired three Dell Precision T5400 Workstations, each with over 16 GB of memory and two Xeon Quad-core processors, to build a small render farm. I am now offering my render farm for your rendering needs.

My visual effects service is free as long as you let me operate at my own pace.

My render farm service is for Carrara and Cinema4D. I can also do Blender, but you can get more processing power from This is a subscription-based service. I credit each client with a set number of frames per quarter1 for free depending on the render time per frame. I charge for additional frames. See this table for rates.

Consultation before services are applied is mandatory in order to determine what services you're getting how much you have to pay in advance, if necessary.

Basic Service
Clients are credited a maximum of 240 frames per quarter1 (91 days) for projects that render at maximum 10 minutes/frame (based on a single Quad-core 2.0+ GHz processor2)

Advance Service
Clients are credited a maximum of 60 frames per quater1 (91 days) for projects that render at maximum 60 minutes/frame (on a single Quad-core 2.0+ GHz processor2)

Free frames do not roll over to the quarter. Free frames are reset at the start of each quater. Advance service is applied to frames that take more than 10 minutes to render.

I am not profiting by charging you. I've spent a significant amount of money for this render farm and went over budget so your contributions go to making up the difference and paying for electricity. I am willing to make arrangements on rates but do not haggle with me over free frames. Plus, these computers can be very noisy so I want to limit long rendering sessions.

1 The start of a quarter is based on the day I begin rendering your first project. For example: if I start rendering your project on March 15, free frames are reset on June 15.
2 Project will be tested with an Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz processor.

If you like my work, feel free to support me.